Blind Date
February 11, 2018

Whilst visiting the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool the other day, I was surprised to come across a painting with a roller blind in front of it....

What's that all about, I wondered to myself?

Following the printed instructions (and suddenly feeling quite self-conscious) I carefully raised the blind to reveal a delicious little Vuillard portrait entitled “Madame Hessel Au Sofa”.

After enjoying viewing the picture for some time and dutifully lowering the blind, I began reflecting on the rather odd fate of this work - being “condemned” as it were, to “perpetual unveiling”.

Could this be perceived as being an advantage? Does it give the painting extra interest? Or on the other hand, because it requires some physical interaction from the viewer, would it tend to be passed by and so remain covered and unseen most of the time?

Of course I can’t answer these questions, or explain why this painting should be deemed to be so fragile, if indeed it is oil on board and not distemper (Vuillard’s usual medium of choice).

So I will just have to pull the blind down once more and return to my musings in the shadows…

And leave you to share this unique experience...


If you prefer the still version, scroll down...

And if you want more info about the painting and the Walker Art Gallery click HERE

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